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October 21, 2017
Testing Social Add-Ons

Hi all, We're connecting our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with the blog.  The LinkedIn Page should be working now. We can't wait to start sharing more things with you. Give a Like and Start following us.

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March 28, 2017
Copyright, Patents and Liability with BIM

One of the most recurrent topics when trying to implement BIM, is liability. I´m almost sure that when people start asking questions like: who owns the model? Who is responsible for it? how can I protect my intellectual property when working with such an open and collaborative platform? how can I protect myself against malicious […]

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August 9, 2016
BIM - Just first step to Construction Information Modelling

I´m a big believer that Building Information Modelling is here to stay, but not for as long as CAD did. It will hopefully blossom soon enough to something more meaningful, bigger and more complex, let´s say for the purpose of this Blog, it´ll become: Construction Information Modelling. The word Building evoques not much more than […]

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May 8, 2016
The Complete Lego Analogy

We’ve all heard the Lego Analogy for BIM. The one that says how BIM Families, content, elements and/or Software are like Lego Blocks for Engineers. With them we can build anything we want and share it with others that are also using Lego blocks to create  better, bigger, more powerful and impressive castles, bridges, dams, […]

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August 9, 2015
My dreamed AEC Industry

We all dream about something. I dream with a very different Construction industry. Not only I dream with 3d concrete printing or really complex 3d models with all possible information packed into them or robotic suits for workers or positive energy buildings. I dream with a more collaborative, productive, aggressive and innovative industry. It´s no […]

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March 30, 2015
Let´s stop doing the job for our Providers

The civil eingineer carreer has seen an amazing evolution in the past 20 years. I dare to say the industry is at it´s peak of fragmentation and complexity. I´m bold enough to say this because I personally see the construction Industry as the sum and center of all other industries. Construction is not the typical […]

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March 30, 2015
Please don´t teach BIM teach Processes

Construction is complicated. We need rough materials, we buy hich tech elevators and security systems, complicated AC systems, heavy machinery, explosives, fuel, plastics, metal, stones and so on. We sell pools, houses, shopping malls, hotels, roads, factories, dams, nuclear plants, railroads, etc, etc. All these information and relations between our providers, clients and us needs […]

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