March 29, 2018

Great Tech for the Construction Industry

Recently I've read a lot of interesting posts regarding technology for the Construction Industry. A lot of them have a bright future ahead if they're well implemented and accepted by the market.

First of all I want to talk about cement production. Cemex has become the first company to remote control cement plants remotely, besides the benefits for Cemex this may be the beginning to create autonomous concrete plants (concrete is not cement). Where a house that is being 3D Printed just orders the concrete automatically and is able to print 24hrs a day non stop.

Now, lets talk about 3D Printing. I want to applaude all the initiatives worl-wide trying to make 3D Printig main stream, this week I read about two projects, one in El Salvador and the other one in Paris-France. I also want to congratulate the research for better concrete 3D Printing mixtures, one very interesting developement is the Tensile Reinforced Concrete from the University of Michigan.

I also want to point out how Plangrid is increasing it's partnership with DropBox, interoperability is fundamental for companies that want to succeed in the construction sector. I personally don't work with Plangrid and I'm not aware of it's capabilities, but hopefully they have a very inclusive growth approach.

Finally, the article titled "Hold this beam for me, friend robot, and let us construct a house together" makes me dream of an interesting future for construction. The possiblities and applications are endless, and I look forward to hearing more of it soon. I know very little of the technology to make any further comment.

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