Before buying any construction software 

Users complain

  • About the software being too expensive for small companies and professionals for the small amount of time they use it.
  • Licensing model, even subscriptions, don’t allow collaboration with/between users.
  • Trial periods are not enough to test software on a real project. Most of the time, they’re only enough to learn the software.
  • Network licenses are not useful because there are always peak hours where there is a higher demand for licenses.
we understand that for 

successful software companies

like you

Delivering hourly licences is expensive, because of:

  • Administrative costs like collecting payments
  • High cost of client acquisition and marketing
  • Support, on-boarding and training of new users
  • Modifying code and adding functionality to track use

Most of the time you choose to loose some clients, stay with a smaller market share but a stable income and user base. You're obviously missing opportunities with companies that have other requirements.

let us 

solve your problem

  • We provide on demand Virtual Workstations with the ability to click-install any Software.
  • We charge per hour reducing their upfront investment.
  • Users can access their Workstations anytime, anywhere, from a browser.
  • Companies don't have to buy new hardware for resource demanding software.
  • We provide an e-learning platform to train users. As a software partner you can publish your content on the platform.
We want to re-sell your software with hourly licenses in our platform, increasing your user base, profit and market share.

Start winning new Customers!

No fees from our side. We don't get any commission from you.

(credit card and bank transactions fees may apply)

Open-Source users can always opt-out of their payment (donation) to the project.
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