April 3, 2018

Owners complaining about ineficiency

Some institutions are in the need for quick reliefs to their infrastructure problem, and are willing to pay, for example San Francisco has an urgent need for student housing. They say the problems is more about time. Construction companies are not able to deliver as fast as some clients wish, to be fair, many times administrative hurdles are to be blamed for.

Nevertheless, somehow, even if people are unhappy with how construction works, the construction sector is proud to say the stability is very good because the backlog they have is at record levels, allowing them to charge what they want. This situation is not going to encourage innovation, on the contrary it may even slow it down and push companies into a comfortable position from where they may not want to move.

Luckily, there are also companies aiming for growth and are changing their way to do business. Suffolk is pushing it's growth with virtual rooms that allows to assess and make design changes instantly. That's a cool gadget, but the important question is, is that a marketing tool or a real working (design) application, with costs and schedules behind it?

Hopefully is the last one, we don't need houses that cost more to construct just because we were able to see them first in 3D.

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