June 21, 2018

Survey - Would you like to Pay software by the hour?

One of the main problems in the AEC industry is accessing Software. There are tons of very helpful software in the world, each and every one of them has its advantages over other solutions. Nevertheless, it's difficult to choose a solution when you are somehow being forced to make an expensive purchase and a long time commitment.

Part of BIMlosophy's vision is to enable professionals to use any tool they need to get the best possible result, we also want the construction industry to be as transparent as possible. That's why we believe collaborative work should happen using native data. This can only happen if you have access to any software you need and are able to pay for what you use.

We care profoundly about your opinion and we need you to speak up (by filling the survey below), so that software companies realize their clients are not happy with their licensing models. So please fill the survey below and let us know what you think!

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